Sharm El-Sheikh شرم الشيخ

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Sharm El-Sheikh is sometimes called the “City of Peace”, referring to the large number of international peace conferences that have been held there. It was known as Şarm-üş Şeyh during Ottoman rule and was known as Ofira during Israeli occupation between 1967 and 1982. Among Egyptians and Israelis, the name of the city is commonly shortened to “Sharm”.




Snorkeling – Diving – Jet Skiing – Water Skiing – Wind Surfing – Para Sailing – Trekking – Camping – Buggy Safari – Horse & Camel Riding


The city experiences a subtropical arid climate, classified by Köpen-Geiger system as hot desert (BWh).Typical temperatures in January range from 18 to 23 °C (64 to 73 °F) degrees Celsius and 33 to 37 °C (91 to 99 °F) in August. The temperature of the Red Sea in this region ranges from 21 to 28 °C (70 to 82 °F) over the course of the year. Different sources give different average temperatures for the city.


Most resorts are clustered along or just inland from the beach at Na’ama Bay. If you enjoy being in the center of the action and don’t mind the night club noise, central Na’ama Bay (consisting of beachfront promenade and a pedestrians-only area lined with hotels, restaurants and shops) is the most convenient base. The further away from this central strip you go, the quieter things become: most of the resorts lining the coast North of Na’ama Bay are comparatively tranquil upmarket retreats with their own patch of sand and easy taxi access to the central area.

Sharm Al-Maya, about 6 km southwest of Na’ama Bay centers on a large, walled market area known as “Sharm Old Market” or as it called “Elsouq Eladeem”, with a selection of inexpensive eateries. Spread out on a clifftop above Sharm Al-Maya is the administrative area of “Hadaba”, which is rimmed by a barren network of long, treeless avenues lined with primarily mid-range resorts. To the southeast of the administrative area is “Ras Um ElSeed”, with an agreeable stretch of coastline, a lighthouse and a row of upmarket hotels.

Important Info

For Emergencies, following telephone numbers would be very useful:

    • Ambulance: 123
    • Tourism Police:  3660311 “Hadaba” / 3600554, 3660675 “Na’ama Bay”


For Medical Services, following telephone numbers would be very useful:

    • Omar & Omar Pharmacy: 3600960 (King of Bahrain St, Na’ama Bay) (9:00 am. – 1:00 am.)
    • Sharm El-Sheikh international Hospital: 3660893/4/5 (Na’ama Bay Road.) (24hr)